VPS XEn, KVM, OpenVZ là gì và nên chọn loại VPS gì ?

A Few Tips

  • Xen is more reliable than OpenVZ
  • SolusVM can be used with HOSTBILL to automate VPS order(Requires reseller VPS)
  • Anymore than 10gb Storage per $1 is not cost effictive for the host and should sound alarm bells(Google is your friend)
  • 512mb RAM for $5 to $10 is normal for Lowendbox(Link at the bottom)
  • anymore than 1GB RAM for $12 should warrent an investiagtion into the host(Use google)
  • Most of all building on my last point. GOOGLE EVERY HOST BEFORE YOU BUY FROM THEM. Read reviews, blog posts or threads just to see if they live up to their name.

A OpenVZ VPS can be oversold.
Avoid an openVZ host if you can afford an alternative. OpenVZ does not entirely isolate you from other clients. This means they CAN cause the entire server to crash. OpenVZ also does not use ‘dedicated’ resources. The host does not have to have the resources that he or she sells you. In short OpenVZ is good for low traffic sites with a minimal budget.

Amazing performance. Truly isolates you from other users ensuring good uptime. An Xen VPS reseller MUST have the resource he or she sells to you. Xen gives you proper ‘dedicated’ resources. Xen is a much better choice and usually only charges a few dollars more, however it is so worth it.

unmetered and unlimited are both *almost* always a scam. Unmetered is available on dedicated servers. It just means that the amount of Bandwidth you use is not limited so you could use all the bandwidth alocated to the server, or one of the other clients could. Stay away from any unmetered and unlimited VPS plans if you want reliability and control over your VPS. Most VPS servers will include around 1TB of bandwidth as default.

Stay away from any host that give you more than 10GB per $. Even 10GB per $ is alot but it is still possible. For example if you see an offer for 200gb space and 2TB transfer for $5 or $10 it is oversold or oversubscribed. Not reliable and not very cost effective for the host.

Do I need Root access?
If you dont know what root access is the short answer is no, however read on and this may change. When installing a new software package like CPanel or Kloxo you need to have root access. This allows you the freedom to use the VPS as a seperate computer almost. Root access is good to have if you like to be incontrol of everything. Again this is where Xen comes in handy. With Xen, unmanaged hosting and root access you can control your entire vps, install your own apps and setup your own hosting provider if you wanted. However Root access just allows you to contol the server. If your only hosting 1 site shared hosting may be easier.

Managed or Unmanaged
If you are new to hosting or have any doupt in your mind at all about controlling a VPS, don’t buy one. They can be much more difficult to use in most cases. However if you are willing to learn get a cheap 512mb server from below. Managed hosting will in most cases double the price of your VPS. However for that price you get an amazing support team, improved uptime and automated installs (All this is average not guaranteed). However if you are on a budget or know how to use linux command line then go ahead and go for unmanaged. Much cheaper and you still get support, just not to as high a level as you get with managed. To conclude this section, managed hosting basically buts someone in charge of keeping your sever running. Unmanged puts you in charge of keeping your server running.

Before I link you to the cheap VPS site I would like to add that Kloxo has just as many features as CPanel only requires less Ram and CPU to run. Also it is much cheaper at NOTHING a month.

Cheap Vps Deals
The hosts on their are not guaranteed to be 100% reliable. However click on a host and scroll down the page to see what other users are saying about them. This will ensure you avoid a dodgy deal. Anyway thanks for reading and if you want anything added please PM me and I will be more than happy to.