Không khởi động FreeBSD. Chỉnh sửa fstab

It so happens that by editing the file / etc / fstab, make mistakes, and when the system boots, you can see the message: Enter full pathname of shell or RETURN for / bin / sh:
By clicking ENTER, you can try to edit this file:
# Ee / etc / fstab

But later rugnetsya system that can not save the changes, because what is in read-only mode.
Solved so – before editing the file, enter the following command:
# Mount -a

So we tell the system to mount all file systems in / etc / fstab

Everything is now possible to edit the file and save.

Let me give a few key commands mount:
-f – Mount corrupted partition or forces the revocation of write access when changing the mount with a “read-write” to “read only.”
-r – Mount the file system in the “read-only”.
-t fstype – Mount the file system as a system of this type. By default, the file system type – «ufs».
-u – Update mount options for the file system.
-v – Issue more information.
-w – Mounting a file system into the “read-write”.